Posted by: rarasrumanti | September 17, 2007

Very early on Monday

I can’t sleep. This is not uncommon. To be honest, this blog is inspired by a book, whose title I forgot, I saw earlier tonight at Borders. It said that one of the ways to be your best (or some similar self-help techniques) is to write for 20 minutes before going to bed. Now that doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. Maybe the world would be a better place if everyone spends 20 minutes before going to bed to ramble on about things they have in their head. As for me, my mind is not working properly atm. Probably an excuse to get away from forcing my sleepy-but-can’t-sleep brain cells to work.

Rule of thumb: I would strictly keep this 20 min long in writing.

We went to Borders today, to use the million-dollar voucher my bf got from school (it’s 200sth actually). So many things I wanted to own but didn’t dare to ask.. didn’t want to seem greedy (well maybe that’s not the word) or over-eager about the possible book/goody splurge. We left the place just as it was about to close. Managed to get two books for me and two for him, actually one of his is for us. (yipee!!). I love books. It’s the idea of making oneself smarter and more intellectual, a means to climb up the intellectual ladder. Even the act of going to a bookstore like Borders is enough to at least give one an air of ignorance-avoidance (would someone please help me with my vocabulary??).

We had satay ayam at a hawker center afterwards. A very late dinner. I don’t understand how the people of Singapore make their satay. I mean seriously. It tastes completely different from the one back home. Arrghh. Btw, has Indonesians patented Satay? Or did they miss it, as in the case of Batik and tempe and the rest? One of the things I miss the most about the motherland is the food. Especially home cooked ones. Food is so much a part of one’s life, noone can deny this. I think more weight should be given on the impact of food on one’s adaptation process in another nation. I mean seriously… now, I’ve never been one who’s fussy about food. Well, you can’t call commenting as being fussy, can you? I gulp down pretty much all sorts of food. I just don’t understand the point of localizing food! I mean, what’s the point of announcing that this stall sells satay, which everyone knows is originally Indonesian, or that stall sells Nasi Padang, when they don’t taste at all like the original version!

Okay, time’s up. Will write again soon. Tomorrow hopefully.


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