Posted by: rarasrumanti | September 19, 2007

on celebrity gossip

Whoa! The celebrities are getting talked about like mad. Many follow their news religiously. I must admit, I am also guilty of perpetuating the often unnecessary celebratedness of celebrities. I visit everytime I feel bored, which is sadly everyday (hehe). The whole superficiality of the site reduces my tenseness and get me back on track in this weird way. (Although I’m starting to get pukingly sick of the whole Britney Spears affair, to quote the youtube guy/girl “Leave Britney alone!”).

Me and my bf got into this discussion/debate once on the ethics of dwelling in other people’s business. You know, like reading emails or chats. He says that reading/looking/enjoying is equatable with reading other people’s email or chats. Opposingly, I argued that celebrities know what they are in for right smack from the beginning.

Anyway, I think everyone is curious about everyone. Everyone that matters that is. That’s why we have friendster, facebook, myspace, just to name a few. These are sites that are available for one to indulge in voyeuristic pleasure. To a certain extent, I’m sure this is healthy stuff. One of the means people find to feel good about themselves because after all, the position we inhabit in this life, be it social-wise, educational-wise, and others, are valued comparatively. By seeing/judging/assessing an other, we inevitably see/judge/assess ourselves, whether unconsciously or consciously.

Hehe.. I’m kinda losing my train of thoughts here. Anyway, the point is not to make a point at this hour, so I’ll just end it here.




  1. pardon my french, but i think ms spears always gets wardrobe malfunction. lol.

    no ok. seriously, being pervert is fun. there is smthing behind just a curiousity. and yes u r certainly correct. knowing that sm1 is few levels below us gives us a sense of winner. sadly speaking.

    but btw, kno wot, i myself is a daily visitor of xD

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