Posted by: rarasrumanti | September 22, 2007

so loving the internet

What an invention this is! Isn’t it marvelous?! Now, this is the point where I should be all responsible about what I’m saying and start to explain about the wondrous of the internet, its history, and the likes. However, this is not actually about that. This is about finally finding a very dear friend of mine over the internet. I found her on after googling her name for decades. The last time we wrote to each other was back in the days when transparent things and Dr. Marten shoes were cool. I am still getting over the shock of finding her and being able to talk to her after all these years. So here’s the short story behind it…

We were ultimately the best of friends back in elementary school along with two other good friends of ours. We did everything that school days provide for school kids. We played all sorts of sports, those that had rules and those that we made up along the way. Those were the days when school days were what they were suppose to be. Long before you started placing metal detectors on the entrance and having constant fire drills. Those days we had our lunch on the playground outside. We brought home-made lunch and shared it with friends. The days where simple pleasures reigned supreme.

Then the inevitable happened. We had to move, return to the motherland or move elsewhere. Huge changes like these affected everyone. You can lose sight of yourself in the process. We did what we could. Subsequently, I got too involved with my own personal problems and we drifted apart. When I did try to contact her, she was no longer there. But somehow I kept thinking that this world is never too big for any of us. I just knew that we’d get in touch again some day. And it finally happened..

One day I’m definitely gonna write about the internet and its mundane extraordinaries, but not right now. Now is about captioning the past.



  1. ah, the beauty of the internet. don’t we all love it.

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