Posted by: rarasrumanti | October 11, 2007


It’s been a long time since I wrote here. sigh.. leaving aside twenty minutes every day just to write something that’s not even always half decent is actually not that easy. whoa what a downer.

anyway, for the past few weeks i’ve been getting in touch with my cooking skills. it’s so liberating. i love love love it now. cooking is a great way to combat stress and just to let go and wind down. everything about cooking is so great including the preparation part. like shopping for the spices and ingredients, cutting them down to bits, buying and using sophisticated utensils. it’s just such a lovely way to past time and if you’re lucky you can eat what you cooked. (such a revelation this was. hehe) i haven’t actually been cooking that many recipes, in fact i’ve just managed to tackle two recipes. so you can imagine the variety of food i’ve been eating these days.

uhm.. this is it for now, must return to more serious work (read: school stuff).



  1. 20 min? a lot of things you can do in 20 mins. you can bake, cook pasta for 4, drive for miles in an empty road, burn 400 cal in running, and so much more. writing a blog shouldn’t take up more than 4 mins, i think.

    i just got into cooking myself. like it. i’d cook any day of the week if anyone wants me to. unfortunately, no one ever does. haha.

  2. haha exactly, often times I much rather do other things than write something here. cooking is fun as long as you are free not to do it.

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