Posted by: rarasrumanti | January 27, 2009

it was a pretty long weekend

Yes, it was indeed.

Friday: Went around Clarke & Boat Quay with T, a friend from work, celebrating her early birthday. We just walked and walked and walked and laughed a lot. The weather was nice and windy and did not help the hair department. I thought it would be more crowded, being Chinese New Year’s Eve and all.

night at clarke quay

night at clarke quay

Saturday: Lazed around. Was suppose to do some work but didn’t. Yes yes procrastinating, one of the things we’re all quite good at. S played WOW and dinner date got postponed (again).

Sunday: Went to church with M (fellow countrywoman :P). The sermon was not as good as I hoped it would be and I just remember yawning. The fried rice afterwards was good though. It tasted similar to the ones sold in the homeland neighbourhood. yumm!

And then off to Asian Civilizations Museum, at last. I got in for free with my “old” student card. Yeehaa. So weird that there is no expiry date on it. For all they know I could be a student till I’m 70. Like a life time free membership to museums. It was lovely. There were a decent amount of Indonesian artifacts being displayed which I was pleased to see and show-tell to S as if I knew so much about them. It turned out that around the 80s Singaporeans actually cleaned up the whole river. I guess 20 yrs is enough time to undo all that. After ACM, we enjoyed Spanish dishes which were to die for… super yum! Too bad we ordered too much like most of the time and S does not do doggie-bags so…. ah well.


Asian Civilisations Museum

Monday: Doubt and Changeling with X (that’s actually her initial). Doubt felt empty and Changeling was draining. I felt like Changeling was more worth the 10 bucks.

Tuesday: Lazy Day

Off to sleep now.

Oh.. and my attempt at being captured in such a nice setting.

at the hallway

at the hallway



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