Posted by: rarasrumanti | January 31, 2009

it’s not the locust’s fault

Woke up this morning and the first news that caught my baggy eyes was this. (Come on click on it). It’s pretty fascinating stuff.

scary ain't it

scary ain't it

I always thought that the solitary one (i.e. the green locust) is not the swarming type. This news woke me up (well maybe not that dramatic, but still…).

hulk in reverse color

hulk in reverse color

Somehow this makes me think of the students I work with. Just like them, it’s not the locusts’ fault to get all steamed up and desperate. It’s just the way the little chemical in their little brains work its magic. If the locust can control it don’t you think it wants to stay calm and green? If the locust keeps doing the same thing over and over even when its told very firmly to sit down and write on little yellow papers, doesn’t it tell you something? Doesn’t it tell you that maybe you should figure out another way to deal with it? Maybe… maybe the solution isn’t little yellow papers. If we can’t manipulate the little chemical in its little brain, maybe… maybe we should just learn to accept and let nature takes its course. Let locusts be locusts.

good night loved ones…


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