Posted by: rarasrumanti | February 2, 2009

water on laptop

water near laptop is bad news

water on laptop is worse

only for some

only for some

The weekend was such a blur. Stayed at home trying to finish documents due Monday. Reminded me so much of school days. You know how when you least want things to go wrong they just somehow manage to go wrong? So obviously this weekend was one of those days. I spilled grass jelly (not a drink I want to drink again) on S’s laptop. My goodness was it sticky. And for a few minutes I just stood there hoping it would all disappear by itself which of course did not happen. Yes, I killed his long-loved laptop that day… Murder by grass jelly.

May you rest in peace oh laptop-with-expired-warranty…



  1. Hey there cousin! I coincidently found your blog. Nice to read what you wrote here. I will stop by often. Hee hee. Take care ok.

  2. Hey cousin in the land down unda! kok blog-nya ditinggalkan tho? btw, I didn’t know you drew?!! they’re nice..

  3. Hey Jeng….how’s the laptop ? Is it die until now ? What is the brand ? If you want to buy the new one, I suggested you a Lenovo. You can see how tough is it on .

    Not only spilled it, you can wash it ! Even you can use it for preparing his breakfast šŸ˜‰

  4. Hi Mbak Ajeng, yup it’s dead. It was a Dell.
    Hahahahaha I love the ad! Is it really that sturdy? Hmm… must be expensive.. That’s the kind of laptop clumsy people should get.
    How’s your new laptop btw?

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