Posted by: rarasrumanti | February 4, 2009


Just finished watching The Office. This latest episode feels different somehow. Sometimes I wish the world is like that, filled with awkwardness. Or maybe it is like that, it’s just that we need to embrace it more and avoid denial. Today’s episode was a great escape from the cookie cutter we’re all fitting in.

“boom, roasted!”




  1. Jeng….jeng….I always like your fashion ! Btw I am going to come to an photography exhibition in March, and still thinking about the dress.
    Hmm….I think better I buy a batik, since it is very Indonesia. What do you think ?

  2. Photography exhibition dimana? About what? Batik is nice, as long as the design is not too antique looking. You may want to try Gaudi (there’s one in Plaza Semanggi) or Pasaraya (there’s a floor dedicated to Indonesian traditional dress). Oh another one is Keris Gallery di jak pus kalo gak salah.

  3. Had been dreaming to wrote like this, but just never been accomplished…

  4. let me know when you’re gonna start!

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