Posted by: rarasrumanti | October 18, 2009

hello again

yellow!Hello again!

I’m back after such long days of not feeling the love for writing.

New things:

  1. Watched Julie & Julia and loved the movie so much. I don’t care what the critics say this time. It left me with such a warm feeling all over. Felt all fuzzie inside… ahhh delightful…
  2. Bobbie Brown moisturizing foundation. Can’t wait it to get it going.
  3. S is coming back after his one week training, yay!
  4. JLo glow body lotion tester tube, Bvlgari (how do you read this?) edt at a bargain (found the source of all things smelling nice at a cheap price). They both go surprisingly well together I must say. Gonna give my Indian Hicks (Indian Hicky as T would call it! ewww hehe) to my mom when I return to Jakarta.
  5. Not feeling the passion for the paperwork and the atmosphere at work lately… blah…
  6. Got a bunch of books (Day by Elie Wiesel, the five people… by Mitch Albom, and two other books)

I think that’s about it atm.

Gotta go now!


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