Posted by: rarasrumanti | April 27, 2010

1 hour before i get older

1 hour before i get older, i feel nothing spectacular. it’s funny actually, or maybe it’s not, maybe it’s completely normal to feel this normal about birthdays as you get to this age.

i just feel contentment. i mean most things i would have liked to achieve by this age are not yet in my hands.. but somehow i feel that life has been so very kind.

i feel peace in my heart and i think that’s enough.

i love the people life has blessed me with and feel loved in return.

i love the fact that things are falling into place and life is still making me feel pleasantly surprised.

i’m thankful for the person i have with me right now and is consistently reminded that he feels the same way.

i’m thrilled with the present and excited about the future.

dear Someone up there, i thank you.


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