Posted by: rarasrumanti | April 27, 2010

1 hour before i get older

1 hour before i get older, i feel nothing spectacular. it’s funny actually, or maybe it’s not, maybe it’s completely normal to feel this normal about birthdays as you get to this age.

i just feel contentment. i mean most things i would have liked to achieve by this age are not yet in my hands.. but somehow i feel that life has been so very kind.

i feel peace in my heart and i think that’s enough.

i love the people life has blessed me with and feel loved in return.

i love the fact that things are falling into place and life is still making me feel pleasantly surprised.

i’m thankful for the person i have with me right now and is consistently reminded that he feels the same way.

i’m thrilled with the present and excited about the future.

dear Someone up there, i thank you.

Posted by: rarasrumanti | April 23, 2010

sleepy and content

i am sleepy right now but my heart is full and content

it’s the nicest feeling to not question things

it’s been a long journey of eight years or maybe nine or ten

and answer to my wondering and all the wishful thinkings

it’s the nicest feeling to be able to say

i know you and you feel the same way

Posted by: rarasrumanti | March 2, 2010

just like a star

Feeling cheesy..

Posted by: rarasrumanti | October 18, 2009

hello again

yellow!Hello again!

I’m back after such long days of not feeling the love for writing.

New things:

  1. Watched Julie & Julia and loved the movie so much. I don’t care what the critics say this time. It left me with such a warm feeling all over. Felt all fuzzie inside… ahhh delightful…
  2. Bobbie Brown moisturizing foundation. Can’t wait it to get it going.
  3. S is coming back after his one week training, yay!
  4. JLo glow body lotion tester tube, Bvlgari (how do you read this?) edt at a bargain (found the source of all things smelling nice at a cheap price). They both go surprisingly well together I must say. Gonna give my Indian Hicks (Indian Hicky as T would call it! ewww hehe) to my mom when I return to Jakarta.
  5. Not feeling the passion for the paperwork and the atmosphere at work lately… blah…
  6. Got a bunch of books (Day by Elie Wiesel, the five people… by Mitch Albom, and two other books)

I think that’s about it atm.

Gotta go now!

Posted by: rarasrumanti | March 7, 2009

still hooked

please excuse the quality hehe.. it’s the best i can do so far… nitey

for eyang…

sometimes i wish you were still around

missing you always…

rest well

Posted by: rarasrumanti | February 28, 2009


on the way to hometown

on the way to hometown

It’s been a while.. because so many things are in the head and heart.

Loving the song hometown glory… amazing… just amazing how it captures the true feel of a hometown…

…shows that we ain’t gonna stand…

…shows that we are united…

Come on hometown… we can do this (it doesn’t sound right, but yeah I’m still hopeful. Shouldn’t we all?)

Posted by: rarasrumanti | February 16, 2009

hearts and flowers

There were quite a few girls strutting with flowers in their hand. Glowing with glee. I got flowers too from a nearby market. I guess me and S caved in after much hinting and a lot of “nah, it’s okay…”. But something else hit me closer to heart later on. Thanks for the flowers.

If it’s not banned in your country, I wish you a belated valentine’s day and whatever it means to you.



Posted by: rarasrumanti | February 11, 2009


(in the computer lab)

me    : what is a young goat?
her    : a kid.
me    : what is a kid?
her    : … I don’t know.
me    : …okay… what is a young goat?
her    : a kid.
me    : so what is a kid?
her    : a child.
me    : …oo..kay… what is a YOUNG goat?
her    : a kid.
me    : so a kid is….?
her    : oh…a goat.
me    : yes, what goat?
her    : a.. goat.
me    : …..okay..


Posted by: rarasrumanti | February 9, 2009

in a good place

a calm night

a calm night

Knowing that you are in a good place in your life right now is honestly all that anyone can ask for. Being placid in a chaotic world becomes more necessary.

I love the fact that people have the choice to be calm even when the world shakes you in ways that you thought you could never handle. The shaking and rattling puts you in the middle if you are substantial enough. It puts you in a good place.

aaah… babbling about nothing really. Good night…

theme song: The Fear _ Lilly Allen

Posted by: rarasrumanti | February 4, 2009


Just finished watching The Office. This latest episode feels different somehow. Sometimes I wish the world is like that, filled with awkwardness. Or maybe it is like that, it’s just that we need to embrace it more and avoid denial. Today’s episode was a great escape from the cookie cutter we’re all fitting in.

“boom, roasted!”


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